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It is unlawful for a person to use a brand on livestock in New Mexico without first recording the brand with the New Mexico Livestock Board. A brand registration certificate confers on the person to whom it is issued the right to use the recorded brand on an animal at a given location (left hip, right hip, left rib, etc.) until the registration expires, is transferred, or is forfeited. New Mexico Recorded Brands may be used statewide.

A brand may be registered by filing an application for approval with the New Mexico Livestock Board at 300 San Mateo, NE, Suite 1000, Albuquerque, NM 87108. The brand recording fee is $100.00 and must accompany the application. The fee is subject to change. The payment of the fee for recording a brand confers on the owner of the brand the right to use it until the end of the re-record period in which the brand is recorded.


Brand registrations are recorded in three-year cycles. Renewals are processed between July 1 and October 31 of renewal years. The years 2014, 2017, 2020, etc., are renewal years.. By New Mexico State Statute, brands not renewed by October 31 are recorded as expired. It is unlawful to ship livestock displaying an expired brand.

Brands may be registered for 3, 6, 9, or 12 years at a time. Each three-year period requires a $100 registration fee.

Ownership of a brand is a property right and may be sold and transferred. The fee for the transfer of a brand is currently $100.  For transfers that are performed from July through October of a renewal year, the transfer fee is waived.

In the event of a registration transfer, the brand shall not be used until the New Mexico Livestock Board has recorded the transfer. Once the transfer is recorded, the new owner will receive a certificate of brand ownership in the form of a wallet card.


The following links provide regulations and sections of livestock codes and rules that are relevant to branding and to the operations of the Livestock Board.

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