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All New Mexico livestock brands are expiring again as of 7/1/2014 and must be renewed. We have opened up that renewal period as of March, 2014 and are now accepting brand renewals. The cost to register a brand for a three-year period is $100. You may now pay that registration online or you may print out a form, fill it out and mail it in with a check.

Whether paying by check or online with a card, Cick the "Renew Your Brand" link on either this page or the main home page.

New This Year: We are also allowing brand owners to pay for 3,6,9, or 12 years at once to avoid having to go through this process every three years.

Brand books are sold out.  The 2015 brand books will be available by Spring or Summer of 2015.


It is unlawful for a person to use a brand on livestock in New Mexico without first recording the brand with the New Mexico Livestock Board. A brand registration certificate confers on the person to whom it is issued the right to use the recorded brand on an animal at a given location (left hip, right hip, left rib, etc.) until the registration expires, is transferred, or is forfeited. New Mexico Recorded Brands may be used statewide.

A brand may be registered by filing an application for approval with the New Mexico Livestock Board at 300 San Mateo, NE, Suite 1000, Albuquerque, NM 87108. The brand recording fee is $100 and must accompany the application. The fee is subject to change. The payment of the fee for recording a brand confers on the owner of the brand the right to use it until the end of the re-record period in which the brand is recorded.


Ownership of a brand is a property right and may be sold and transferred. The fee for the transfer of a brand is $100. The fee is subject to change.  If brand ownership is transferred during a rerecord period, the transfer fee is waived and a single fee of $100 per three-year registration period is charged.  The current rerecord period is underway now through October 31, 2014

In the event of a registration transfer, the brand shall not be used until the New Mexico Livestock Board has recorded the transfer. Once the transfer is recorded, the new owner will receive a certificate of brand in the form of a wallet card.

Brands may not be transferred online. Click Here to print a brand transfer form to begin the process.

Click the links below for our forms in PDF format
Cattle and/or Horse Brand Application
Sheep and/or Goat Brand Application
Brand Transfer Form
Holding Brand Application Form
Estray Claim Form
Livestock Bill of Sale
Cattle and Horse Missing\Stolen Report
Sheep and Goat Missing\Stolen Report
Print a Change Of Address, Brand Image, Or Earmark Form
Brand Exemption Application

Follow the link below and click on the map where you need the inspection. You will be given a list of inspectors and their phone numbers.

Click Here to Schedule an Inspection

Anyone desiring to move or transport livestock from one district to another, or beyond the limits of this state, except as provided in Section 77-9-42, NMSA 1978 and in 21 NMAC 32.2.11, must first notify the inspector in their district (see Employee Directory) within a reasonable period of time of the intention to move the livestock. The inspector shall set a time and location for inspection of such livestock and, upon inspection, shall issue the necessary certificate for livestock movement.

Effective September 15, 2010, the following are the inspection charges for services of the New Mexico Livestock Board, pursuant to Sections 77-2-29 and 77-2-2, NMSA 1978:

Service Charge for Form 1 one-way movement field inspections and Form 2 hide inspections

1 head and up is $10.00 per certificate/per species in addition to fees below for each species:
*Cattle & Bison $ 0.50 per head
*Equine $ 0.50 per head
*Hides $ 0.50 per hide
*Sheep & Goat $ 0.16 per head
*Pelts $ 0.12 per head

1-H (permanent equine hauling card)
$35.00 ($ 25.00 permit + $ 10.00 service chg)

1-HA (annual equine permit hauling card with two transfers of ownership)
$25.00 ($ 15 permit + $ 10.00 service charge)
*expires annually


Effective July 1st, 2011 The brand rerecord fee was increased from $75 to $100 for the 3-year period. New brand applications and brand registration transfers are also $100.



In 1598, The hot iron brand was first introduced into New Mexico by Don Juan de Oñate

He trailed 7,000 head of branded cattle from the Mexican State of Chihuahua to "San Juan De Los Caballeros," near present day Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Ref: Ganaderia en Chihuahua, August 2003, Dr. Luis Raul Manini Chavez.


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