Bovine Tuberculosis in New Mexico

As of September 11, 2008, the USDA has downgraded New Mexico's Bovine TB status from Accredited Free to Modified Accredited Advanced (MAA). Where we had a small MAA zone in the Eastern part of our state prior to that decision, our entire state now has MAA status. This downgrade is the result of a single cow having been found to be positive for bovine tuberculosis in a feedlot in eastern New Mexico, the state's second case in less than 48 months, and is an action authorized under the Federal Bovine Tuberculosis Eradication Program.

The State of New Mexico is committed to eradicating bovine tuberculosis (TB) from our state. The New Mexico Livestock Board is working with state and federal partners, producers, veterinarians, and industry groups to return New Mexico to TB-Free Status.

Currently at Modified Accredited status, New Mexico has submitted an application for Split State Status to the USDA. The application is currently under review and a response from USDA is expected in fall 2008.

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