Below are the steps needed to obtain approval for use of a veterinary biological in the state of New Mexico. See the link below for the full text of the relevant rule from the New Mexico Administrative Code.  In summary, the steps are:

  1. The applicant prepares and submits to the New Mexico State Veterinarian a letter requesting approval to import into New Mexico, distribute, administer, manufacture or use within New Mexico each particular veterinary biological, including the following:
    • The name and address of the applicant, and a primary contact telephone number and e-mail address
    • The product name
    • The product description
    • Protocol and labeling information
    • The USDA code of the product
    • The list of livestock species for which the product is intended
    • Please indicate whether you wish to be billed by e-mail, fax, or US Post
      (if e-mail, you may pay on line with a credit card)
  2. The New Mexico State Veterinarian reviews each application, and if approved, invoices you for the registration permit or renewal fee in an amount not to exceed $100 per product.
  3. Upon receipt of your payment, the permit is approved and valid for one year.
  4. When requesting approval of multiple products at once, please download and complete the attached Excel template and include provide it in electronic form with your documentation.  Click Here to download the Excel template.

For communications associated with drug approvals, please use the following methods and addresses:

Fax: 505-841-6160


U.S. Mail:

New Mexico State Veterinarian
2105 Osuna Rd NE Building South
Albuquerque, NM 87113-3203