Click on the "Trich Vets by County" link below to find a New Mexico Trich Certified veterinarian in your area. Click on the "Trich Test on Site" PDF link for a list of veterinary clinics that have facilities to trich test mature bulls. Please call the clinic and make an appointment prior to arriving.

Trich Certified Vets By County
Trich Test on Site List.pdf

Below are links to the interactive Trich testing forms. The forms have been simplified a bit for ease of use.

NOTE: We have also added a web application that will allow you to create the forms using our website. Your progress will be saved when using that method, and you can come back later to continue creating the form on our website and ultimately create the PDF needed for lab submission. Link for that application is below as well.

Trich Test Form Web Application
NMLB Interactive Trich Test Record
Interactive Trich Test Continuation Sheet

Click Here for complete information about our animal health regulatory programs, including Bovine Trichomoniasis, Tuberculosis and Brucellosis; Equine Infectious Anemia (EIA) and Viral Arteritis (EVA).

Our agency is now hosting a voluntary microchip registry to aid in locating lost or missing equine. Accredited veterinarians licensed in New Mexico may use this registry to enter the owner contact information at the time that a horse is microchipped.  Use the link below to go to the Equine Microchip Registry page

Equine Microchip Registry

The New Mexico Livestock Board includes the offices of the State Veterinarian, whose team of veterinarians collaborate with various government and private sector partners to ensure that our state remains free of diseases affecting livestock.  When there are any developments such as a disease event which may affect the import or export of livestock, these are communicated here on our "What's Hot" page. Also on that page is a way to sign up to receive e-mail notifications from us.

Veterinarians on Staff

Samantha Uhrig, DVM             State Veterinarian
Alexandra Eckhoff, DVM          Field Veterinarian
Kreg Evetts, DVM                    Field Veterinarian

Choose our Personnel Directory on the left, and then "List Office Personnel" for contact information.

Below is the contact information for the the New Mexico Department of Agriculture Veterinary Diagnostic Services (VDS):

1101 Camino de Salud NE
Albuquerque NM 87102

In-state toll free phone number: 800-432-9110
Phone number: 505-383-9299
Fax number: 505-383-9294

Click the link below for information on the National Poultry Improvement Plan, including:

  • A list of diseases for which the NPIP has active control programs
  • The Benefits of the NPIP
  • What's required to have a participating flock
  • Links to Additional Information
What is the NPIP?

See our What's New section for any new updates concerning Piroplasmosis in NM and our "Import/Export/Exhibition" section for any updated developments regarding testing procedures and/or import requirements.

Latest Informational Update
Equine Piroplasmosis USDA Factsheet
NMLB Piroplasmosis Test Submission Form

Our menu to the left includes a section on equine rescue. Choose that menu option or click here to go to our Equine Rescue Program.

Click here and then use the Page Menu at the top to see requirements by animal type. For this, you would normally use the Import / Export / Exhibition main menu choice. Any known restrictions imposed by other states on NM exports are listed there as well, but as always, you can get the most reliable information about that by contacting the state of destination.